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Takatoshi Toshi, a Michelin starred sushi chef and native of Osaka, Japan started off under the tutelage of Masayuki Okugawa at Masa's Sushi and Appetizers on Grant Avenue in downtown Novato. It was during his seven years at Masa's that Chef Toshi refined his technique in a restaurant known for its gracious, welcoming atmosphere and delicious, unpretentious food. Chef Toshi then moved on to work at Sushi Ran in Sausalito where he rose to the level of Executive Sushi Chef. During his 10 years at Sushi Ran, he not only earned a Michelin Star, but also won first place in the 2014 World Sushi Cup and third place in the 2015 Global Sushi Challenge where Sushi chefs come to Tokyo from all over the world to compete. Chef Toshi was then next asked to head an ‘Omakase Style’ restaurant called Kinjo on Russian Hill in San Francisco. They opened in January 2017 to overwhelming praise and adulations. The mastery and art of Chef Toshi earned Kinjo a Michelin star. However, on September 2, 2017 water damage from upstairs put Kinjo out of commission. It was during this time that Chef Toshi learned that his mentor Masayuki Okugawa would be retiring. Chef Toshi felt like it was meant to be; a chance to return to Masa's and bring with him all the technique and skill he's gained since his departure in 2008. He feels he's been able to return home.

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