627 Del Ganado Road Terra Linda San Rafael, CA 94903 +1 415-892-2777 www.catermarin.com/
Ghost Kitchen : We are a full-service catering company and can provide our delicious meals and service for all types of events, big or small. When you are interested in a catered event (No matter the number of guests) please contact us at: (415) 892-2777 OR EMAIL: CaterMarin6@gmail.com

About Us

Along with our nightly dinners Tuesday thru Friday, CaterMarin is also a full service catering company . So for any event from small to large. For Birthdays, weddings, family dinners etc. CaterMarin can do it all. CaterMarin has been in business for over 25 years, and Chef Nick has been preparing meals for over 20 years. So give us a call and Let Terry Eberle (owner) help you plan your next event. Or just call and order you dinner!!!

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