What does EecoEats do?
EecoEats provides a platform for vendors to inform users about outdoor dining options,
music, in-house delivery, table bookings and more.

How does EecoEats work?
Restaurant owners or managers will register to use the site.

They log into their dashboard, upload their address, restaurant details and menu items.

They choose how they would like to be paid, either cash, card or both and provide an account where they would like the funds deposited.

They input a text number that will receive an alert when they have an order. The detailed order is sent to their email.

The customer picks up the food at the designated time and everyone is happy!

What if I only do catering and don’t have a physical location?
You will choose ghost kitchen and you can determine whether you want the customer to pick up the food at a designated time or whether you will deliver it.

How much does it cost to get started?
There is no start up fee because you will enter the information yourself.

What if I don’t have time to upload the information?
You can provide us with your menu or QR code and we will upload your menu for you.

How much does EecoEats charge per online order?
EecoEats charges a 10% fee each time an order is placed through the website.
There is no fee for cash orders when the customer pays you at pick up time.