Our Mission

Why use EecoEats?

  • EecoEats saves the planet by making conscious purchasing and marketing choices to bring you the freshest meals for the best prices.
  • By knowing how many people are likely to buy a certain special the merchants can make better buying decisions and pass the savings onto you.
  • Then we blast the specials to you daily or weekly so that you don’t miss out on any great fresh seasonal menus.
  • When restaurants get overstocked they can pass the savings onto you by sending you an instant alert about their special promotions and any new and  exciting delights they cook up!
  • With the restaurant business in so much flux with constant sudden changes as to  whether they can re-open or offer indoor dining, the purchasing decisions are much more critical than ever.  If they can plan to keep their staff busy during slow periods by offering specials, the employees will be happy and customers can savor some savings as well!
  • And we know you want it fresh! So we text you quickly, as soon as a new fresh special will be offered.
  • By eliminating waste for the restaurant due to lack of customers we also eliminate the methane gas produced by disposing of unused food.
  • More available on this in our upcoming blog topics.
  • So when you subscribe we’ll send you notices of which restaurants will be offering specials on certain products and on certain days that way you can save money and we can all help save the planet.